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Stad/område: Helsingborg
Adress: Stinsgatan 16
Boendeyta: 35m2
Antal rum: 1rok
Badrum: Eget
Internet: Ja, ingår i hyran
Elektricitet: Ja, ingår i hyran
Möblerat: Fullt möblerat
Typ: Hus
Månadshyra: 5 000kr
Inflyttning 2017-01-30
Utflyttning Tillsvidare
Beskriv bostaden du vill hyra ut i fritext: Small extrahouse in the yard on the backside of my house. Kitchen with stove, oven, refrigerator. Washing machine. Bathroom with shower cabin. around 500m to nearest bus stop and around 8-9km south of the city of Helsingborg. Internet is included with the rent but the speed is limited.
Namn: Lars Jönsson
Mail: l.skanelars@gmail.com
Telefon:  +46 706 69 83 50


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