Student Life

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The Helsingborg Section Agora is a part of the Social Sciences Students’ Union and aim to represent students and monitor courses at the Department of Service Management and the Department of Communication and Media. They also organize social gatherings and the introduction weeks for Swedish bachelor students. Every spring, Agora arranges a huge work fair, Agora-dagen, where students get the chance to meet local businesses.

To find out more about their events, go to their page on facebook, follow them on Twitter, visit their website or contact them on


Stampus is a non-profit organisation run by students, for students, and among other things they run Thursday Pub, regular dinners and brunch in their own restaurant as well as weekly sporting events. Their goal is to create a feeling of belonging and to provide students with the opportunity to meet in a way that the regular educational environment does not offer. A Stampus memership can be bought at Campus during the lunch hour every Thursday, and you are welcome to attend or volunteer in their activities (a great way to make new friends and improve your Swedish).

Visit their Facebook page or read more on their website. You can also contact them on their email: 


The Engineers’ Section, called the ING-section, is a part of the Technology Union in Lund and represent students and monitor courses at the LTH School of Engineering. They also arrange social gatherings such as LönING and the introduction weeks for the Swedish bachelors engineer students. Every year they arrange MässING, a work fair where companies come to Campus to meet students.

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MiH Future

MiH Future provides an interface between the present and the future. As a part of the Marketing Association in the Helsingborg region they offer students networking opportunities to create contacts with trade and industry under the heading “work & play”. Find out more about them on their webpage, follow their Facebook-page or contact them at

Student Theatre

The Student Theatre Group, or Helsingborgsspexet in Swedish, is Helsingborg’s most cheerful student association! With a history as long as the Campus itself, they do their very best to entertain others as well as themselves. They stage a theatrical revue annually wherein they work together on everything from makeup and costumes to music and puns, to create a fun and enjoyable play. Whatever you can do or enjoy doing, there’s a place for you in this organization!

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Life in Helsingborg

Need inspiration on what to see and do in Helsingborg? Look no further (Translate site at the bottom of the page)

Healthcare in Helsingborg

In Helsingborg you can choose for yourself which healthcare centre you want to attend. You normally seek help at a primary health care unit (“vårdcentral”) first, unless it is an emergency. Here you can find the different vårdcentral in Helsingborg.

Health on Campus Helsingborg
The Student Health services are free of charge and you can come talk to them on campus on a range of physical and mental conditions. There are also a multifaith chaplaincy to guide in spiritual matters and to help connect with local religious bodies. Here is also a student priest whom you can contact.