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Travel grants – Applications period is open

To two of its sister cities, Pärnu in Estonia and Dubrovnik in Croatia, Helsingborg offers travel grants for students on an annual basis. In order to apply, you need to study at Campus Helsingborg and write your second or third year thesis. The purpose of the grant is to enable students to collect data and study the thesis subject in an environment not possible at home. The grant should be used for travel and accommodation costs for a student or group during approximately one week’s fieldwork. The amount is calculated based on return flights and one weeks accommodation and is 8 000 SEK for Pärnu and 10 000 SEK for Dubrovnik.

How to apply
The applications period is open, last day to apply is January 29th 2017. Write a maximum of two A4 pages and e-mail it to sandra.jonsson3@helsingborg.se. The application must contain Name, Education, Contact information, Project title and Project idea.  Application is assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Academic relevance and quality.
  • Grant/Grants candidates personal interests and reasons for why they want to do the study and awarded scholarship.
  • The choice of subject relevance to its sister cities and the relations between Helsingborg and the city.
  • Application of credibility and feasibility in relation to the time and available financial resources.

Campus Vänner

As a student at Campus Helsingborg it is possible to apply for grants through Campus Vänner (”Campus Friends”). Their aim is to spur students to inspiring achievements with grants from local businesses. Former grants have been for study trips, participation in conferences, acquiring specific equipment and for arranging seminars and lectures.

Read more about Campus Vänner and how to apply for their grants at their webpage (in Swedish only): www.campusvanner.se


How would you like to improve Helsingborg? From the City of Helsingborg’s Visionsfonden (”Vision fund”) you can apply for economic support up to 100 000 SEK, in order to realize innovative activities and projects that will develop Helsingborg towards the city’s vision Helsingborg 2035. You can apply as an association, organization, business or individual and the application is always open. Decisions are made four times per year.

Application and further informaiton can be found here (in Swedish only):

See projects that have previously been backed (in Swedish only):


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